Friday, 10 June 2011

chloë & the cool kids: we love her, right?!

i immensely enjoyed the commentary of the behind the scenes video from opening ceremony blog, maybe too much, i'm too easily amused, must get out today.  & those cut faux lace dresses! all photos & video from chloe resort, 2012 & opening ceremony.

chloë: smacking gum, "who are all these people w/ cameras?", continues to smack gum.

artist, shrugs shoulders, rolls eyes "my name's charles wing, i made the art for this thing..."

chloë: "ummmm, i guess, mostly ummmm, my youth & ummmm like this element of danger & a sense of recklessness &
that feeling you have when you're a teenager & anything can happen & you're questioning that & just kinda that arrrrrg"

model: "so i was a bit starstruck, but i kept it cool, ya know i was like oh its you, i know you, but in my head i was going...." mimics jumping up & down cheering & mouth is gapping open.

chloë: i'm sure all my friends sitting here today are going to be like it was sooo chloe, soo chloe, was sooo chloe" laughs, "it is, its got my fingerprint allover it".

i wish there had been a sound bite from pj on this.

lizzi of gang gang dance


tara subkoff + lesley arfin


  1. Yes, we Love her!! I bought soooo much of her last collection it's almost embarrassing.

  2. I love those dresses! and PJ, hubba hubba


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