Wednesday, 25 May 2011

pre-gold dust on queen west

toronto & local  folks, i hope you had a chance to check out the gold dust grand opening last night. of course, there's still plently of time to shop montreal & toronto vintage of all kinds & new  pieces too. i couldn't make it sadly, but i'ii be there saturday. i was really thrilled to be asked to participate in this pop up shop. its a  perfect space too, at 1080 queen west, & along with a wonderful group of ladies & their own very well picked montreal & toronto vintage clothing, housewares, ect. damn, its just amazing to be included, ya know?! gold dust is sarah johanna whidden, sarah gregg millman, andréa lalonde, & emily birnbaum. gold dust runs until june 5, & also please check out the gold dust collective tumblr to be further inspired & peek more photos of the event.
so,this is just my pre-gold dust photos to share from the day before, we grabbed on enid's camera (because as usual i left the fully charged battery at home),when we went in to drop off some yarnovermovement items. i just can't wait to see how it looks now, these ladies were very busy & it was already looking extremely impressive when i left, such  insane good taste.   i promise to take more this saturday, when i get to work the gold dust pop up shop alongside sarah, please hi to us, we'll be most likely eating, talking, listening to music, & drooling over everything we want to take home with us.

yay, 1080 queen west!

enid's parents c/o enid

& because we have a pay as you go cell phone that never gets paid, running late & trying to call jeff & sarah from almost extinct pay phone, not easy to find always.

afterwards waiting on the bus at union, enid was impressed with the coming storm.


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