Monday, 30 May 2011

a gold dust saturday

part two of post-gold dust (& cont'd from part one of pre-gold dust)
saturday i spent w/ sarah at the gold dust pop up on queen west & had what i knew would feel nothing like working & just all wonderful. & despite the very trivial fact that waking to find none of the laundry i had done the night before was close to dry, because of all the damp, &i was forced to wear some despicable  clothes (edited to clarify i meant despicable clothes aka very dirty & continually worn due to laundry procrastination), still these vapid matters had no effect on the amazing day. also, i felt so lucky to have my friends show their support & drop in to say hi & also made a new knitting friend as well (gah, i'm  a dork, i do realize). here's some pics from my camera of the day (& the rest) & here's a link to my friend jlee's photos too.
the pop up is still happening until june 5th, although i'ii be picking up my knits & ombre dyed totes early, so for yarnovermovement items get in before wednesday.

just a reminder, today is the last day of the 15% off everything spring sale, using code: spring011 at checkout. & please sign up for my newsletter, i promise not to clog your inbox, just to pass on sales & new items going in the shop, thats all (& soon giveaways for just newsletter folks too).

love these guys & this!

always staring at these legs that go on for days.


  1. I have to admit that I kept staring at Sarah's legs. Also, I need to improve my posture.

  2. Hurrah for new knitting friends! We'll have to plan a stitchin' good time soon.

  3. It's funny you said that about your clothes because I actually thought you looked great in these photos (especially that shirt & with the denim).
    Sarah is gorgeous....and is that one of your shawls she is wearing? What is that color? I love it!

  4. It looked so good! You must have had so much fun, I am jealous! miss you!


  5. Aww, looks such a good time. Your l'il set up rocks!

  6. Despicable clothes haha, I think I actually own that exact leopard print shirt too! And man, Sarah's legs (and denim onesie?!) are TOO AWESOME! Looks like so much fun.

  7. oppps, edited to clarify i meant despicable clothes aka very dirty & continually worn due to laundry procrastination

  8. oooh, this looks lovely. wish i had some cash to spend!!! and it's in one of the (in my opinion!) best spots in toronto, sounds like a great time :)

  9. Congratulations for your beautifull shop!


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