Wednesday, 11 May 2011

girls in my knits: stephanie of beaux mondes c/o field trip

the last  frantic prepping for the field trip pop-up shop during art crawl weekend in hamilton is on & every second i must cram in all the knitting i can. sometimes even i forget just how time consuming hand made really is, so much hard work. i was really thrilled to see this blog post on beaux mondes, & i'm so pleased  that stephanie included the welland merino sweater amongst the items included to promote the field trip: pop up shop on james north in just two days. i love the photos, & especially love the styling, & modeling, its gorgeous.  don't forget to come by the field trip pop-up shop, even just to say hi, & also to those who made the trek to make this happen, the girls of victoire (from ottawa), robber (from toronto), fieldguided (toronto), also preloved (from toronto & montreal) & we are just across from white elephant.
(above & below photo c/o beaux mondes, model: stephanie trendocher, photos: jay perry)

i've been killing it trying to get as many items knit, sewn & dyed in a small amount of time for the event. as you can see i'm a real procrastinator about seams & sewing in the threads, its my least favorite part concerning knitting. in contrast, i loved sewing on the machine for a change & dying those totes, as each one came out so unique, which is the best part. sadly, i have a few less to sell at the pop-up shop after some online sales, but i promise to be getting more fabric for those totes, just in time for spring & summer. missing too on this rack, some sold items & lent out items for the photos. i hope you can spot the shopping bags of plain cotton & ombre dyed at the end, a gift for those purchasing a knitted item. 

these photos from the beehive craft collective blog reveal the lovely space in construction & we'll be in there! see everyone soon & please introduce yourselves, i'ii be a bit of a shy mess. please mark your calendars.


  1. Haha, tell me about how time-consuming it is! Last night I managed to crank out one measly necktie and fell asleep on the sofa by accident. Looks like my table will be pretty empty! Your items look beautiful. x

  2. wow those photos are so amazing! This is just so good :)


  3. i wish i could make it! i hope you sell an absolute bundle of stuff. everything looks great.

  4. so how was the pop-up? hope it was successful! xo

  5. oh lady i am obsessed with the b+w ombre tote! will be ordering one soon!


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