Monday, 9 May 2011

introducing: an ombre hand dyed tote of tan + b&w design

could't resist this printed cotton fabric, is it peacock feathers? or art deco inspired? or just nonsense, in any case, its pretty much exactly what i had in mind as an opposite tote to the peachy ombre dyed floral rose b&w print ones. i also hand dyed this tote of tan, it is actually darker dipped at the bottom than this photo reveals, yet it is still a subtle wash, so this wonderful pattern stands out on its own.  this design pattern really allows for a unique one of a kind totes, when the fabric is all cut up, gotta love that. i hadn't noticed i matched my outfit in brown & black, two unconventional colours to mix, with some mixed patterns to distract from being too matchy-matchy. i've added a pre-sale order of these for everyone, & of course these will be at the field trip pop up shop during art crawl this friday & saturday, please come & introduce yourself to an anxious me.

details: the ombre dyed tote on b&w: yarnovermovement, jacket: cheap opulence, necklace: the vamoose,  romper: penny arcade

just hand dyed totes, hung to dry


  1. SO happy to have found this blog. You are so stylish and everything here feels so fresh!

  2. that tote is very cute, as are you!

  3. lovely! the color also looks great with your hair


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