Monday, 18 April 2011

women are beautiful

all photos c/o garry winogrand, mostly from women are beautiful (1975) series
thanks to my friend Sarah, for sharing this!


  1. What a great collection of photos. This made me crave my Fannies (collective term for my group of ladies) so much. And made me proud to be a Fanny!

  2. I like your post... because I agree with you.
    Every woman is beautiful an special,
    and every person has its own story.

    What I dislike is the new women tendency for perfection, to much make up, trying to be to thin...
    Everybody should be just natural.

  3. the most beautiful of creatures!

  4. wow beautiful inspiration as per usual! I didnt get a chance to say how gorgeous the new items are on Hannah! You are such a talent! Sorry I never got back to you about the ad exchange (remember I wanted to do an exchange) if you still want to please send me a 200x200 pixel with the link of your choice ;)

    The collection I just finished Sunday took all the life out of me!


  5. Yes, it's very true! All women are beautiful! Got to celebrate it.


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