Friday, 15 April 2011

things i like c/o miss moss #8 & #12

i'm a fan of miss moss & her things i like lists, & was honoured to be asked. go see the whole list for yourself.
here's my number 8 & number 12 (in no particular order) " 8. preppy as the new rebellion: i think its really taken a turn in that boys in preppy attire is my kind of rebel, & girls for that matter too, like buttoned up collars. "
the above image is hayden elizabeth & i foudn it at miss moss & her new tumblr wearing the pants, where i bet how a lot of girls with rebellions streaks are inclined to dress . 
& "12.  carol kane: she looks like she stepped right out of a aubrey beardsley drawing."
it's no sursprise, i've mentioned her a few times, & always referencing aubrey beardsly, but it so true. all photos of carol kane from the life archive, which happens to be #1 on the list.

w/ a young sofia coppola, 1983

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  1. Hey Tara Lynn!
    You have a great ''things I like list''.
    I couldn't do that, I like to much things haha, don't know how you could make those choises but they are nice. So I checked out Miss Moss her blog and that blog is also awesome. So thanks for suggesting hihi!

    xxx Bella


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