Monday, 11 April 2011

sneak peek: welland, thick & thin merino sweater in creme

i know, i know so much shop talk,  but i can't imagine any complaint at all about these gorgeous  photos of hannah metz in her own welland of creme in merino thick & thin Uruguayan wool. they make me so anxious for longer days of sun to come! these won't be posted to the shop til the end of the week, along with the grey edition. at the moment the limited hand dyed welland  is still  listed right now.  of course, this welland merino knit will be among some of the new items i will also be bringing to pop up shop for the may art crawl ...i'm so nervous & honored to have been asked to be apart of this, along with victoire,  preloved,  robber, fieldguided & also white elephant. many more details in its own post soon & what is coming.
photos/model c/o hannah metz ,please check out hannah's shop the loved one.


  1. she - and the sweater - look lovely.

  2. her hair is so stunning as it rolls and tumbles

    love your blog sweetness

    sugar plum kisses~
    amy x

  3. So dreamy, I love how open the knit is--it definitely lends to that sort of laid back yet effortlessly chic sort of look. I don't hate it ;)

    Also, I just wanted to say that I e-mailed Ed the links to your boy's work and he was super impressed and flattered! He's quite the talent :)

  4. Ooh and I'm slightly obsessed with her trousers too. And your knits are so inspiring :)

  5. absolutely stunning! cannot wait to see it in person! xo


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