Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Passions of Nicole Eymard

Nothing embodies passion & creativity as well as designer Nicole Eymard, i am just in complete awe, not to mention this lady has got the brains, wonderful personal style that can't be argued by absolutely anyone, & more talent than anything. Please check out her charming blog & endless flickr stream (where i was lost in a fascinating daze & plan to re-visit again & again). I can't wait to see what Nicole is up to next!

Here is the interview, I really liked your questions! It got me talking, I hope not too much!!!

What kind of day are you having?
A great relaxing day thank you! I am relieved to have finished my spring collection which you can see here.
I also found out that I am in the 9th issue of Peppermint magazine! 
Here is an image of the interview.

What kind of girl do you imagine you are designing for?
My 3 muses always include Hannah Metz, Mary van Note, and my sister Caitlin Mackey.

Do you design for yourself? Not really, I concentrate (spend too much time) on my growing collection of vinatge hats accessories shoes and clothing.

How does where you live effect your designing?
It doesnt really since I have always been in my own little world entertaining myself. But my world is highly impressionable when I travel, and all the inspiration adds to my world. Its kind of like blasting harpsichord muisic on a creepy dirty stinky bus.

Have you always been creative? 
I started off obsessing over Salamanders, frogs, insects, litterature, space, and all science. I started to come to my sences when I realized that I wanted to wear metaphores, personification, salamanders,unsolved supernatural studies and the galaxy (sounds like a great collection ahah). I was an obvious designer and researcher in the making!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you remember some of your first creative childhood pursuits?
Yes, becasue I'm pretty similar today:
*Looking for ghosts
*Trying to create wormholes to visit aliens
*Building miniature furniature and table settings to lure fairies
*Recreating the roman empire with the neighborhood boys
*Looking for salamanders under rocks
*Making my own flower/veg garden from seeds at 6
* Searching for mating lady bugs to watch the babies being born
*Selling my jewelry in the bike trail under a betty bush

Can you talk about what is inspiring you right now?
1940s ufo and alien sightings, seals, 1950s eskimo getting healthcare in the 1950s lucite ice, and the shapes of the 1990 playmobile paint your own penguins  (when they are white) and crash dummies

What makes you feel most like yourself?
Laughing with my husband, and researching rare "anythings"

What do you wish for? Not to sound corny but I have everything Ive
ever wanted, infact, my past little self would be green with envy if she even knew!!!!!
But I AM wating to check off 3d hollograms that fill a room off my list!

How do you enjoy spending your down time?
I have a very busy down time! Hahaha! I consists of:
*Designing constanly in my head
*Laughing with my husband
*Squeezing/playing with my dog who resembles a fox
*Watching at least 2 movies a day(usual science fiction or asian horror movies)
*Writing down my reasearch;inspiration
* Archiving all my research/inspiration
*Blog stalking
*Ebaying and etsying

What piece that you designed is your favorite right now?
Im torn between my lattice pieces and basket purses but this picture shows
my favs big time.


  1. Thanks for this! I love Nicole's style -- carefree and with a really good sense of humour!

  2. YAY! THANK YOU!!!! PS Thanks for the super nice intro!

  3. she is such a talented inspirational babe! great interview.

  4. fantastic interview, she is so intriguing so it was great to get to hear her "voice". also in the first photo she is wearing a Dear Golden hat & i wasn't sure i ever was going to put that one in the shop, i am happy i did because it found the most perfect home atop her head!

  5. What a fantastic and uplifting designer, I love her approach and aesthetic. Thank you for introducing her to me!

  6. Wonderful interview Tara-Lynn! Two of my favourites in one space, how glorious!

    Nicole, you are perfection personified. I love you and your style forever and ever and ever.


  7. So happy to see Nicole interviewed, I definitely admire her style, sense of humour and confidence. She is just tops. Also, sometimes she kinda reminds me of Katie!


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