Friday, 22 April 2011

knit stuff around the place

it is all due in anticipation of preparing for the field trip pop-up show, my anxieties are boiling over, like how do i  knit up enough items for a proper mini store in less than a month, eeks & how do i afford the wool to do so, gulp?! not mention decorating this said shop... any case, my place has knits everywhere, although this is really nothing compared to winter time knitting... more behind the scenes

(above: new in 100% alpaca colorway is angora/markham collar)


  1. the black collar is beeeeautiful!

  2. I really need the item in the first picture!! OH MY!!

  3. We're all nervous ha ha...but I believe in us!

  4. Your knits are beyond inspiring, I think your idea for knitting packs are a great idea and I'm a very interested buyer!!!


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