Thursday, 7 April 2011

faux shopping: russh

it's just faux shopping, of course, & i think russh magazine has a really wonderful site to check out, especially the shopping sections, some of my favorites from sections titled, unexpected, strut, paris je t'aime, tough, mesh & block it...
all photos c/o russh


  1. "faux shopping" ha! love it. you should be a stylist.

  2. Man, all of these are so awesome! I normally don't think to pick up Russh at the magazine stands but this makes me want to check them out.

  3. I love the one of the girl in the red shorts and stripey sort of shirt. I should lurk Barnes&Noble and check out Russh--I don't think I ever have.

    And also, your comment about Ed Templeton got me so excited because I rarely come across people (besides skateboarders) who know about him on my blog! He and his wife are actually close friends of mine so I will be sure to tell him that he has a fan on the interweb---he'll be so pumped haha :)

  4. faux shopping for me entails adding items to my watch list on ebay.

  5. so many great looks! i especially love the last photo


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