Friday, 11 March 2011

woody's girl's (part one): carol kane & shelley duvall

alvy and allison 2

carol kane & shelley duvall in annie hall (woody allen, 1977)
noone will dispute diane keaton's importance in this film, but i have to say i really crushed on allison (the girl right out of a pre-raphaelite paiting, & in her bedroom with the iron poster bed, the aubrey beardsley on the wall & books piled on the floor) & also crushed on pam (the pigtailed braids & tank w/ alvy in bed, talking kafka & having  met at a rolling stone concert, or did she write for rolling stone or both...)
all screencaps are my own
alvy and allison

alvy and allison 3

alvy and allison4

the maharishi

sex and kafka

sex and kafka2

sex and kafka

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  1. It's true they are both totally crush worth! Really won't an iron bed, so bad!


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