Thursday, 24 March 2011

a spring snowstorm, a jacket, & heres to knitting...

we've been hit with a spring snowstorm, so once again everything is covered in snow, the kids had the day off school, & i was really liking snow-less sidewalks, pffft. i love this jacket that i picked up from sarah (her etsy shop is cheap opulence) when we saw each other in toronto. it is now perfect with the shortened sleeves, i am a sucker for too short sleeves, & prefer it that way. i am always caught knitting, so why do i always feel i should be knitting more. ever delete everything on your camera, before realizing that everything wasn't uploaded onto your computer, sorry you won't see the stuff i wore photos that i had a whole bunch of, fuck.


  1. Snow in spring! That's no fun. :/ Looks like you're enjoying the last of winter cozies though. :)
    Love the cropped sleeves on that blazer!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow for springtime. At least you have a nice jacket, and two gorgeous kinders of course.

  3. Love your red hair so much! It partially inspired my return to redheadedness.

    Also! I saw you at the Lakeview a few weeks ago but was to shy to say "hi I read your blog".

  4. I looooooove that jacket! And your hair is so perfect these days.


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