Monday, 28 March 2011

sneak peek: grey wolf welland on hanger + knitting kits to go

the packages is on its way to brooklyn for hannah, the welland batwing inspired sweater & the leeds halter bratops (both of merino)! now there's nothing more i can do, just cross my fingers & hope i can still make a go at this & keep my shop ongoing forever. i'm also finally excited to announce i will be offering my patterns for sale again, only this time as part of a knitting to go kit, that will include limited totes (some will be fabric totes that i will sew up & others will be printed totes, perhaps of jason's lee art), also to include the wool needed for the project, i think these will be really unique knitting kits. please sign up for the yarnovermovement newsletter for exclusives & special sales & giveaways too.

love this fabric designed by inga leo , to be used for limited totes for the knitting to go kits, along with wool & my patterns

in between knitting & cabin fever, i've been re-arranging. & we've been lucky to score some hand me downs & some painted up items that are new to us.


  1. I'm loving that chair in your office. Is it a Miller?

  2. Have you considered hooking yourself up as a designer on Ravelry? Adding your patterns into the pattern data base might help your kits sell well because it will help knitters run across them.

  3. I wish your kits were for crochet, not knitting! Your designs are lovely.


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