Monday, 10 January 2011

this girl (just moi) in my knits

well, as the knitter behind yarnovermovement, i'm always knitting for the shop & for someone else, which is the best part of course. so i have just a very few yarnovermovement pieces of my own. my most recent is the belleville shawl, which i've been wearing the crap out of, & i'm so happy to see shawls making such a come back lately. it was a happy accident that i even came to own the shawl, as i realized after binding off that i'd made a mistake in the lattice pattern of the shawl, & although its really unnoticeable to anyone perhaps but myself, i would never sell it, & i couldn't bear to rip out all those stitches i'd knit, so i kept it, & weird for me to wear black too, but still i love it... i wore it as shawl with every outfit in montreal & then outside i use it as a extra cozy & extra warm wrap scarf, like a cowl.
(above photo c/o izzy hayes, when we were goofing off in the bathroom at puces pop)

(w/ jason & sarah at puces pop)

although i don't yet own the markham loop collar, its absolutely one those knits i admit to being most proud of designing. lately, its been bought up quite abit, & i'm so happy this piece is catching on. i've also added a pretty ribbon as the self-tie, & i think it really stands out!  i modeled thsi particular markham collar of creme lambs wool before it was shipped out. i've knit thsis item in a very limited number of alpaca wool in fawn, & i woudl lvoe to add a few more natural colours in the alpaca too.

this fall, i added the alpaca version of the cambridge cowl, i was greedy for the wool in a hue called angora, it ahs slight colour to it, the softest & silkiest wool ever. i also sold out of this version in the grey wolf that was once available. i woudl love to bring it back.


  1. i want another of your cowls sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. :] i am beyond excited for my huron cowl! I have a feeling that it will be my first of many yarnover knits---i am seriously lusting over that markham loop collar!

  3. nice photo in front of the mirror
    i love your hair:)

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  4. Hi,
    I love your turban in the photo with the brick wall - is it your own design? Your knits are fantastic, and yes, bring the greys back!

    Ps. Love the ballerina-thing too.


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