Saturday, 29 January 2011

Montreal moving fund has begun, 25% off everything sale

i'm not even kidding, & i can't believe it myself, were actually just doing it, were moving to Montreal!
 honestly we really can't afford this move, but its something we just have to do. So with our predicament, i am offering 25% off everything in the YarnOverMovement shop, which is perfect during all this insanely cold weather, & you'll  consequently  helping us to fund our Montreal move.


  1. all for a good cause... i know how it feels in a way. i'm testing the waters out here in Nova Scotia, and to do so i had to sublet my beloved apartment and will eventually need to make a decision and probably sell stuff too if i move permanently.

    anyway, i will browse the shop and see if i can help with a purchase! and if there's anything i can do to help on the montreal front, let me know - i have lots of connections there. i have no doubt that this will, all in all, be a very good move for you guys. i really do love montreal. when is the move scheduled for?

    bonne chance! xo

  2. you're moving for sure?! that's amazing! we gotta grab coffee sometime.

  3. Ohh my gosh, that is the most exciting news! I am definitely going to get one of your loop collars when I get paid this week, I have been eyeing them off for ages and for such a good cause I can hardly resist.. I am also saving up for a big move so I know exactly what it's like. Good luck with everything Tara!

  4. you're doing it! im gonna go browse your etsy now :)

  5. So exciting! Montreal is so wonderful, and feels like it would be perfect for you. xo


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