Thursday, 30 December 2010

6 days & counting

day 350 of 365 project
attaching the fringe to a belleville shawl, the day before montreal

day 357 of 365 project
jason's gift to me, an early xmas eve gift, 
la belle personne, because i've wanted to see it for so long, 
its impossible to find to download, he had to get it ordered...

day 349
stacking knits to pack for montreal, these are mini-like meaford cowls,
haven't decided to add to shop or not, i made these after the last time i was in montreal
& asked a lot about a cowl that didn't wrap, or wasn't as long...

day 351,
hotel fire escape worked as our fridge

day 352
first morning in montreal with izzy the best breakfast companion!

day 353
this is day day of puces pop in montreal

day 353
the night we came home from montreal, sarah & ursula sent enid macaroons

day 354
enid took this photo of her messy room, but as she said the pic looks really cool & pretty all messy.
we cleaned it last night so Santa could get to her stocking.

day 355
no school, means staying in pj's longer.

day 356
my first batch attempt at baking for gifts for some relatives.. don't worry the next two batches were ok, although enid still ate a few of these & insisted you couldn't  tell, you just turn them upside down on your tongue, burnt side facing upwards

day 358
up very early for xmas morning,
& then there's luke & i passed out on the pull out

day 359
on xmas eve, Jason tucked enid in explaining that maybe santa won't be bringing the gecko bearded dragon, or laptop or cell phone as was asked in her letter, but other fun things (although they didn't arrive, the camera she had begging for to make movies of her toys did)


  1. i want to see Enid's toy movies! She and I have (well, I haddd) the same day bed and netting! hehe.

  2. Enid is so beautiful! From what you write she has a wicked sense of herself and i think that it so so cool. Happy New Year and all that jazz!

    Love Sarah xoxo

  3. aw she got her camera. she must have been so happy! what sweet parents she has. merry christmas <3

  4. I can't believe you only have 6 days left, the time has flown by!

  5. Ooh, I just noticed La Belle Personne on Netflix the other day (finally something I want to watch! :P)

    Also, just wanted to say that I (like many!) have enjoyed your 365 project - and good for you for sticking to it ;)

  6. Aw, hooray for Enid! I hope you'll share some of her videos.

    I like the idea of smaller cowls. I mean, I don't really need more cowls or scarves (thank YOU!) but I think it could be good. Kenzie from Secret Pocket makes cowls that are small and I really like that size!

  7. i love that she asked for a cell phone! hehe!

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  9. oops little mistake with the comment posting thing...:) La belle personne!!! I love Christophe Honoré's movies.. If you like that movie ,you should watch every movies from this director, they are great!


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