Thursday, 4 November 2010

a week or two into fall now...

so a week or two into fall now... & already the postal deadlines for international shipping are very close for holiday gifts. i can't believe that scary mall madness time is getting closer, its so awful, so please just a slight reminder that shopping handmade means never setting foot in the mall, just shop early, its just me knitting, & knits will be limited. in helping out, i'm going to have the shop prepped next week with a section full of ready made knits all ready to ship immediately, & wrapping will be an extra option too.
these wonderful pics are courtesy of robber boutique in toronto   where my knits are carried, just like this creme carlington shown, from the robber fall looks.
(photos,elisa gonzalez)


  1. i might need to save my pennies for this creamy scarf. i'm so in love with the carlington.

  2. ooh that's the coffee extraordinaire Sam James

    my blog:

  3. love the photo- you guys match! the scarf looks so so cosy :-)


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