Tuesday, 30 November 2010

kennedy & tweaking knits

it's kennedy holmes, another guest model, i am so lucky enough to have, thanks in part to the wonderful community that is possible amongst indie shops, but mostly because of the wonderful nature & style & beauty & creativity of girls like kennedy & of course guest model hannah metz!!!...
its a shame, that i see so many obvious tweaks to be made to this knit, so this isn't the final item, alas, i will need to work out a tighter stitch, more structure rather than the loose fall, & the pom poms must be smaller... but i just wanted to show off these pics kennedy took, that won't be for nothin. & all this after a day & half spent on & off on a lace shawl that was almost done, to screw, up & have to start all over. of course, it was my own sheer cockiness that i didn't add a lifeline....
in any case, the new version of this & a few other new knits, will be available soon!


  1. oh how i feel your pain, with 100 collars to finish and every few turning out wonky. may patience be with you! and these are lovely photos.

  2. so darling... I love the shawl and Kennedy is a lovely model!

  3. I actually really love it, it couldn't be more perfect! You're really so talented with the ol' needles :)

  4. I just adore these pom poms! Can't wait to see how it turns out. x

  5. I love this scarf - its cozy and quirky...also is Kennedy canadian? i love her blog...I'm gonna go investigate now haha


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