Wednesday, 17 November 2010

46 days to go

day 310
enid is a daddy's girl all the way. 
but sometimes she puts up w/ my company

day 311
laundry day
i'm sure you can guess enid's from mine

day 312
anxious folks should not go to talize 50% off sale, 
BUT i did score the 1979 book from kittens inspired by kittens for enid, it was a hit!
if you have been living under a rock, THIS is kittens inspired by kittens.

day 314
enid's play-doh mushrooms, they are very tiny, i love them

day 313
 lets be honest all i do is knit & watch things off the computer
nico from the chelsea girls

day 319 of 365 project
found this old poem to help teach  enid to knit
in through the front door,
run around the back.
Hop through the window
off jumps jack!

day 318

harmony's mister lonely, 2007
more knitting & watching from the computer,
Samantha morton never disappoints
& THIS scene w/ harmony's wife

day 317

day 316
knitting + computer movie watching
been waiting forever for this one...
enter the void, Gaspar Noé
intense, grosteque & beautiful, heart wrenching, difficult to watch, felt sea sick actually, 
only wish there was more of the characters, especially of Paz de la Huerta
& perhaps less visual colour lights imagery (but thats jsut me i get easily sick)

day 315
more of the knitting & thirtysomething season 3 from the library,
character melissa w/ a young patricia arquette, before true romance & maybe around same time as indian runner, & before that awful show she is on now,(sorry to be so opinionated) those teeth, she is lovely

day 314
addicted  to lychee puddings


  1. Mmmm, lychee pudding.....and the kittens book, I guess I have been living under a rock. My girl would love it, too.
    I love the pic of Enid in your lap, the way your hands are......ew, i'm a little creeping myself out as I read that back, but in my head it was just dear. oh well.

  2. her sweater is really cute! too funny you found the kittens book...

  3. Kittens inspired by kittens! Lucky lucky girl!

  4. I'm SO jealous you found the kittens inspired by kittens book!!! I love that video haha x

  5. Been wanting to catch Enter the Void for a while! When Thomas Bangalter was scoring Noe's other film Irreversible, he used riot dispersion signals in the music which the police use to make people physically ill, and which added to the reaction when watching the movie.


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