Saturday, 27 November 2010

35 days & counting..

day 329 of 365

my favorite Anaïs nin photo,just looking at my anais nin diaries
 i've collected in the last decade or more...
 i was obsessed in my early twenties & late teens, VERY obsessed with her.
usually i go through periods of obsessions & then never look back, but lately i've been thinking about her,
maybe just nostalgic for my early twenties in toronto.

day 324
oh shame, why i do this to myself, who knows.
but when shopping/thrifting vintage items, one knows it is one size only, & when i come across items i ahve to have, that happen to be too small (which seems to be happening too much lately) i tell myself i'ii start  those pilates  tomorrow, & instead of putting down that croissant i just wear em & end up spending most the time w/ undone pants, when at home & w/ some stomach aches when out ...
ummm at least i'm older & wiser & not beatign myself over this dumb shit anymore...
i also console myself that alot of vintage clothes were also worn with girdles underneath...ok mayeb not 80s/90s highwaisted slacks, but....

day 323

its an indulgence, & since i don't buy all the other crappy monthly magazines out there,
 its not really expensive at all since its not monthly
so far one of my favorite issues of russh, great articles!

day 321
went thrifting in toronto, w/ jason & enid one day
searching for the perfect winter boot, which i never did find,
instead i got these, BUT i found the perfect book instead...
wonderful photos too, can't wait to devour this!
i have some pics from that day, taken on the crappiest disposable camera
 that we got for enid too,which i'ii share, but they are very crappy.

day 328
the gingerbread house that enid & jason made,
we had to move it to higher ground because of the ants...eeek

day 320
our messy shoe rack, pretty tidy for once, those boots in the very center are actually enid's i'm pretty jealous.
mostly i wear the black shoes on the far left or the black laced boots in the center.
 the rest of the colourful shoes are enid's of course.

day 322
i plan to steal these items from his closet one day, if i can.

day 325
les Amants reguliers (Regular Lovers)

day 326
curious cat

day 330
i'm not crazy for xmas decorations, i'm an atheist what do you expect (well i guess thats no excuse), but these guys i love! i think it has more to do with my mom being so insane aka annoying  about xmas time herself...

day 327
its japan's johnny depp
a commission jason is working on (i know this actor as itchy the killer)


  1. post some knitting patterns please

  2. ooh i loved that photo run through.. thanks for sharing

    and that photo of you in the bathroom with the one size smaller skirt is perfect! you're adorable and i totally feel you on the 'must have now' sorta thing when thrifting

    reminds me of this quote i got in a fortune cookie last week, "be definite now, worry about precision later" haha

  3. that Japanese actor was also in a really cute ad campaign w/Chloe Sevigny a couple years ago for Uniqlo


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