Friday, 15 October 2010

sneak peeks + hannah + light stone wash + ready made

you may have noticed, the shop is now only stocked with completely ready made + ready to ship hand knit items as the shop is in a transition period, barely post-montreal puces pop,  & soon the shop will be filled with new knits, & new colors in the tone of a stone washed light denim (seen only  in the carlington so far), which i have some plans for already.
but first, i am  happy & very busy knitting up a custom order for robber boutique again this time around. i've put myself on a deadline, its got no give to it, but it  allows me to visit Toronto,  make the drop off for robber & then sneak in seeing some wonderful folks & also check out amber albecht  show too! so it has to work.
i am very willing to take custom color knit orders, i'm still waiting on a wool shipment, & then there might be some waiting, but asap i will knit up all those custom orders. i plan to get back on top of my game in two weeks.
the york limited  cowl in mohair was really popular, & is now completely sold out, & i'm happy to announce i will be replacing it with another limited run of another shade of light stone washed denim wool, called snow cone, of brushed baby suri/merino.bamboo, you can't even imagine. i feel really excited about the cremes that gal pal hannah guest models (heres a sneak peek of  her own belleville shawl in creme, coming soon to the shop) & also the abundance of light stone denim to come, & maybe a new guest model to take on the blue period (another inspiring internet pal + babe). a hint.
ok i have to go knit, its overwhelming me , but.... i'm grateful.


  1. How long have you been knitting? How long does it generally take you to knit a garment? Do you create all your own patterns/if so do you post them anywhere (besides the beanie pattern on your etsy)? If not, where do you get your patterns from?

    sooo many questions I know but I am fascinated by your blog


  2. you and hannah are long lost sisters, right? i mean, the resemblance is uncanny.

  3. do you buy your wool online?? i never seem to find such lovely wools in the shops! gorgeous gorgeous knits!

  4. can't wait to see the new color!


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