Saturday, 9 October 2010


i wasn't prepared that i would fall so hard for montreal! at first, i was just bundled up nerves & anxiety over the language barrier. it was all for nothing, montreal was  perfect, & everyone was so sweet,  encouraging & really welcoming, i couldn't have hoped for any more . so its official i have left my heart in montreal, how corny i know, but i miss it & the friends left behind already. don't surprised if hamilton loses us to montreal! we really had no time for photo opportunities, we were really busy all day with puces pop,  then dinner with friends & drinking, & then falling exhausted to bed at the hotel, & allover again, & then you never really re-cover from all the bus traveling we did from ontario to montreal. so i'm sorry i have so few, & the venue was dark, but i hope you'll get a small idea. also izzy posted some pics here too.

(above photo, this was the first day of puces pop, we arrived very early, we were just nervous, we set up quickly, we had no set plan,but it all looks pretty good, & then we coudl just relax with much need coffee, of course i really learnt that coffe & anxiosu nerves aren't the best fit, also the banner is c/o a thoughtful gift from chad of mon petit fantome)

we all put in our fair share at the table, these boys lived yarnovermovement just as much as i do this weekend, they were my support team in enormous ways. & just ask them about alpaca, or wool care or how to wear a cowl, they have all the answers.

we had the table right beside samantha (aka pinpals), yah i said the lighting was pretty dark. as mentioned, we received a visit from isabelle & stephane!

afterwards we went back to samantha's place, i wish i had taken more photos, instead i drank wine, & enjoyed Samantha's skills at hostessing.

on day two of puces pop i attempted to knit up some replacement meaford cowls. also met a charming french girl noemiah   & jeff & i snuck away to visit her booth.

also, knowing katie much better now, we sneaked off to do some trading & admire her set up & prints, this pretty lady is extremely talented.

this is the venue, notice the graffiti reads "no gods" & "no masters". i took this as we were walking back to the hotel.

the night before we left, we visited sam's studio space, its full of inspiration for her work. (below photo jason chats up new friends  katie & amber).


  1. I love all the pictures. Love them all.

  2. Great shots hun! Hurry back home :)

  3. aaaaah! i was so bummed at missing Puces Pop and meeting you. especially since i was in montreal less than a week before! my sister actually lives a short walk from the Puces location, arrrg!

    anyway, you are the cutest thing ever and i'm glad montreal has charmed you. it really is one of the best cities ever. you guys should seriously consider the move. change is good, especially when it's MTL! :)

    glad you had fun...

  4. I think it looks so fun, I love the little peaks at others tables as well :)

  5. I love the dress you're wearing in the first few photos! Gorgeous :)

    I am always feel so nervous over the thought of going to montreal because my french abilities are at a grade nine high school level! haha it's good to know people there were sweet, this post has made me want to visit montreal when i'm back in canada!

  6. hi tara-lynn! i haven't been by your blog in a while. things are looking lovely as usual. it's so cool to hear that you fell in love with montreal! we'll be going next summer and i'm sort of considering moving there... at some point... because i have a feeling i would fall in love with it too.

    that fair you sold your knitting at looks adorable!

  7. First off, your dress is just beyond cute! love it so so much! Also I'm really bummed we missed Puces Pop by just a few days, but we couldn't be out of town for that long. And Katie Dutton is so so amazing! We miss her & her talents in Ottawa muchly. Seriously, hands down, Katie's apartment in Ottawa was the best apartment I've ever seen in my whole life! So much amazing art and mind-blowing vintage finds. And I love the Pin Pals sooo much, aaaahhh I have like too many (actually not possible) t-shirts from them & puppets & everything they do is perfect! Also love Amber, I am very happy to say I have a few of her prints as well and cherish them to bits.


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