Tuesday, 26 October 2010

gals of montreal: izzy of ye ye! part two of four

what started out as an internet crush four years ago on Isabelle of yey ye style blog!, has turned into a full blown real-life friendship, it does happen. this seamstress/designer has huge amounts of talent, creativity, originality  & she is a real sweetheart too. izzy definitely is an enormous  inspiration for me, & also was what added to my montreal trip being so positive. up next, katie.

Name: Isabelle Hayes
Age: 29
What do you do? I sell vintage on etsy and I am working on a mini summer collection for next Summer.

so you live in montreal, for how long, & what lead up to living in montreal? do you consider montreal your home?

I have lived in Montreal on and off since 1990, my family is from here and my father was in the army so we moved a lot. My mother moved me and my brother to Montreal in 1990. I moved to the Maritimes in my teens for a few years to live with my father. In 2001 I moved to Phoenix ,AZ for a few years and co-owned a vintage shop called Lost&Found vintage. I came back to Montreal in 2003 and went back to school and am am finally done this year. I was studying in Fashion Design. Montreal is now my home and I really do love the city but I always have the travel bug!

what are your inspirations at this moment? what are past inspirations that really affected what you do?

Lately I have been inspired but color and novelty prints, anything child like, ceramic kitties and the Patty Duke Show. I have always been inspired by bright colors and pattern mixing. My style is very color driven, shape and cut comes after, always. Vintage has always been an element that inspired me in creations. It makes me feel happy in my skin. Yeye singers from the 60s took my heart and I named my future line after this style of French music from the 60s. Yeye comes from girls who sang rock and roll songs from English rock groups like The Beatles who sang " Yeah Yeah" and French girls translated it to " Ye Ye!"

What mood are you in today?
Today I am in a good mood since I do not have to go into work, this gives me time to update my etsy shop and work on my creations.

Where is your favorite place to be? What is your favorite thing to do?
My favorite place to be is in my studio, surrounded by my sewing machines, record collection and vintage clothing. 
My favorite thing to do in the whole world is to spend quality time with my other half, he brings me joy and bliss :)


  1. Your so sweet Tara-Lynn! I love this :)



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  3. sorry, my previous comment was from the wrong account.

    yay tara-lynn! yay izzy!

  4. I'm really loving this series! And I'm getting even more excited for heading to Montreal this week!

  5. Her style is gorgeous! What a lovely post.


  6. the girl is so special love her -
    I am the mom and the biggest fan

  7. adorable!
    yay for 'full blown real-life friendships'.

  8. great interview!! just checked her blog!!


  9. love yeye :) you and her are a couple of the earliest flickr people i talked to.


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