Thursday, 14 October 2010

79 days to go...

day 279 of 365 project
back in hamilton ( post-montreal), back to routines, picking enid up after school,

day 280
we bribed enid to model this coat for us, (you can see how excited she was pfft), but there was no way we could convince her of the amazing-ness of the coat is, oh well, wish it were adult size!

here's a regret i didn't purchase, a book i should have thrifted, 
however, we were ecstatic to find  bob dylan's tarantula

day 282
i ingested this entire box to myself in two days. 
description on box: flaky cheese biscuits baked w/ butter gouda
 & edam cheese imported from holland

day 283
our new cat, its probably just fake blue mountain pottery, but who cares
initially i didn't buy it, but then after leaving value village i went back, the regret was setting in deep

day 284
says it all

day 285

i love our friend anabela's print in a frame finally

day 286

day 287
forgot i bought a subscription, nice rare surprise 
from dossier 


  1. tarantula is such a great find :D

    my favorite dylan rambling.

  2. After reading your post, I end up buying on amazon the Bob Dylan book as my husband is a musician and I think he should like the book, well I hope. Your blog inspires me. Funny the picture of your daughter wearing the coat. Beautiful print from Anabela. Have a good day!

  3. that's it, you have convinced me to wear shorts and tights. i've oscillated on that front for a bit, but you make it look effortlessly awesome. :)

  4. omg, Enid's coat is spectacular! In 10 years or so she'll totally wish she had gotten it!


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