Thursday, 19 August 2010

support pretty under things

anything that involves vintage lingerie & cute apple bums & tah-tahs is always worthy of supporting in my books! i really want me some vintage inspired lingerie for xmas, don't you, here's all the info you need .
i plan to pledge $30 in the very near future, so i can get me a limited edition  lookbook photo of the loved one lingerie collection, what about you? oh yah, i just need someone to support my shop, ummmm....haha
all photos c/o hannah metz


  1. Miss Tara-Lynn, you are all sweetness and goodness and I wish so badly we were actual neighbours and not country neighbours. xoxoxoxooxoxoxox

  2. ooo i am excited to see this line! oh how i adore the works of miss hannah.


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