Monday, 16 August 2010

girls in my knits: summer edition, part two

so, both of these lovely & very stylish girls have been such long-time supporters of YarnOverMovement, since those early beginning days, & i am so humbled to have them as knitting muses, thanks girls for always being so supportive of my work.
jody, (above) wears her own elora slouchy toque of black lamb's wool
& hannah (below) took this photo for me when she came across my ballet inspired merino  knits at the victoire boutique in ottawa, (shown holding up the bancroft of merino hand dyed + spun in puddle)


  1. Whoa- I guess I am a long time supporter. Time flies. I really cherish all of my Yarnover Movement creations. And that top being held up is so cute!!


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