Saturday, 17 July 2010

170 days & counting...

day 187 of 365 project
typical library drop off & pick

day 189, 
i love the look i'm getting from katie here,
as she is getting ready for the shoot we did

day 183,
enid w/ millie on her fire escape,
from the day enid came along to help hang jason's art show

day 184, 
took this at millie's, her gorgeous view, during jason's art show

day 185,
catching the last bus home

day 186,
fudge in the mail from japan, & some library reserves were ready for pick up

day 190,
its official! mable our very shy cat has made
 two new friends erin & nick

day 192,
outdoor visiting cat, love this

day 193,
this is the summer enid became a deep end swimmer

day 191

day 190,
i love this hot & humd summer, 
won't find me complaining


  1. Beautiful pics as always...
    Just saw the photos from Jason's art show, they're amazing. Wish I could see it all in the flesh, I really love it when work is shown in this way.
    Also, a funny little thing, I often refer to your interiors when I bang on to my boyfriend about my "dream home" :o)

  2. oh man, i love those shorts! they look awesome with your tattoo's. enid is so big now! wow. i remember reading your flickr stuff a while ago and she was tiny. crazzzyyyyy

  3. Hi, I've got a question on Fudge Magazine - did you buy it online? Could you give me the site, please? Please? :)


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