Wednesday, 2 June 2010

what i wouldn't give...

ok let's be honset, i'm taking this one break from leaving out all negativity from my blog for just this once, i don't write about the personal things, but can i say this last week sucked, my drive to push myself is failing today especially, of course i'm on mostly auto-pilot to keep knitting, ect, but really my motivator is also facing this wall, knowing he is preparing to put himself out there for an art show, & also making books to sell, thinking that nothing will sell, feeling  it never does, so all that time & money spent, its the same emotions with my shop i fear, somethings gotta give, can someone just please want a pretty vintage  lace blouse from my shop, because i really took such care when thrifting,  or maybe a hand knit item because i really do want my hours of knitting to have a home & it feels so personal & offensive, so i can get over this self-pity crap...blah, blah, but shit a girl's gotta eat to keep on knitting... just the morning blues i'm sure...


  1. Keep your head up friend! These things ebb and flow, no doubt you will be flowing again soon! You are wonderful and talented!

  2. Think about it this way: the one good thing about being in a rut is that when your out of it, everything will be that much better. Everything will be alright, in fact it will feel more than alright very,very soon, I'm sure of it :)

  3. oh god, you got amazing pieces and whatever happens you will always have that, that you made wonderful delightful items with your own two hands. I really truly admire that. And I am pretty sure that I am not the only one drooling in front of your etsy. That alpaca collar is proper genius and is a brilliant alternative to fur for people like me who refuse to wear animal skin but are slightly tempted (i feel wrong to admit that) but yeah thanks to you I dont have to break my easily corruptible principles :D. Please feel better. (sorry i dont know why i felt compelled to write that as i dont know you but it always breaks my heart when someone talented feels doubts)
    good luck for whatever projects come ahead.

  4. you're an amazing inspiration to many, including me! you can never see what's coming down the road, and more often than not there will be hope again. being an entrepreneur is a difficult lifestyle but you have talent and spunk and i know you'll make it lady. much blogging love!


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