Sunday, 13 June 2010

205 days to go...

day 160 of 365 project
from the art crawl night, my friend katie (you might recognize her as the yarnovermovement shop model because she is), i mean this girl can't take a bad photo (whats with that anyhow ), & who else, but katie could pull off these short shorts & a white sheer lace tank! regrettably , i took very few pics that ngiht because i completely forgot til the end of the night i even brought my camera....but guess what things do happen, even if you don't have the damn photo to prove it... & i love that too!

day 159,
having my own mad men marathon, borrowed the seasons from the library, now i'm re-watching with all the commentaries, i'm dedicated....season 2 has a really insightful women's movement documentary, this scene is actually from season 3 (episode the grown-ups)
day 158,
kitty, a book & my ol mans scrunchy  mouth face...

day 157, enid turns 8!
testing the icing before i put in the candles, (she tested her entire name, she double dipped too)
 thats my girl!

day 156, i know that mischievous look

day 155, i have enid's sparkle ball she forgot it & asked us to bring it after school

day 154, my adored spell print c/o ali scarpulla

day 153
the pembroke still on needles

day 152,
thought this was funny, both working on making art, jason the trusted paper & pencil, & with enid on paint program

day 155 (the good part of the day)
came into show Jason my sweater, the huge mistake, the huge frustration, to cry & moan, this makes it less annoying, so sweet right? Jason reading in bed in the afternoon with enid watching a movie & its cold & rainy outside...

also day 155 (the bad part of the day)
 joy of finsihing the bancroft sweater, hanging it up on a hanger, & then inspecting to find a dropped stitch, nooooooooooooo can't be, but there it is, i've pulled it to illustrate the invevitable anyhow, soooo  i just can't believe it, honestly this particular ball of wool has been cursing me, i can't avoid stupid mistakes, which is how i end up knitting the green one, then figured i would come back to the stormy plum with more success.... tomorrow i knit you again!
day 153, just off the needles, in olive green

day 154


  1. Oh no! So did you have to completely unravel the Bancroft sweater to fix it? Poor dear, how disheartening. It turned out beautifully though.

    I stumbled upon your gentleman's German internet doppelganger!:

  2. Happy birthday Enid!! I love that she had to test the cake.

    Your friend has the cutest hair. It makes me miss my black shag.

    And your sweater is really cute! Too bad the yarn is giving you trouble.

  3. Could you not ladder the stitch back up with a crochet hook? I hate ripping back on my knitting and do anything I can to avoid it.

  4. Is that the blouse you bought from my etsy!? Love it on you!

    Such purdy yarn...

  5. that dual desk photo is so funny!

  6. Wow, I love that Ali Scarpulla print! Does she have an etsy? And the Bancroft sweater in those colours is soooo lovely!

  7. i love that desk arrangement and choice of tools! pencils for the adult, computer for the little girl. and tiny desk for the adult. amazing.


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