Wednesday, 14 April 2010

with love to zara: girl in my knits

who could have guessed that so many of those  moments, of feeling that  "really made my day"- feeling, could be generated from the internet so often? i feel so happy & lucky  today especially  for this amazing video message from zara, honestly it makes me wanna tear up (ok i did tear up), & not just becasue  i'm over emotionaly either, it is so damn sweet & sincere, & doesn't everything lack that...well obviosuly not.oh i just love her bow too, don't you? oh & why do i never show the hooded option on this, its something i do too when i wear mine!

in other instances this week, that the internet made it happen, included receiving a package in the mail from anabela of fieldguided, (it was lula with the raspberry tart/sweater cover i was dying for)  something  that "made my day"... also, an opportunity to meet up, with a fellow knitter, in the library & the library book sale, & that basket full of fries & gravy that i ate far too many of, thanks elizabeth of brich & sycamore, also because of the internet.
there is a handful of you out there, you know who you are, thanks, i love you all!
& please "girls in your knits" you make it worth it...

ps. please check out zara's lovely photos too, you won't be disappointed!
& zara's blog.

please universe, something bad isn't going to happen to me now, for these nice moments i hope... i have too much i'm hoping on in the near future...


  1. Oh wow, so nice! I love how it looks as a hood to.

    I'm glad you got the magazine! Hooray.

  2. thanks for follow me ;)... i will do the same with your nice blog!
    i made a post today with some pictures of yours and i linked your blog bellow the images ;)!
    kisses and thanks again.

  3. heeeeeee :) it was so surreal/cool to look at my blogger dashboard and go through the blogs i'm following and see myself on your blog..very cool. i'm so flattered you put this up :) thank you for such an amazing cowl, it's so beautiful and softer than i imagined. best wishes and love to you!! xo, zara


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