Friday, 9 April 2010

267 days to go

day 98 of 365 project
just testing the light, i prefer this way, it's more interesting...  
i was too excited about the ORILLIA shrug to wait on my model
*this particular shade of limited merino sold out! now a new limited colour is available
day 97
i apologize for two in a row of that same mug again, 
it was meant to capture the new vintage hair combs from francessa,
i'ii be wearing them all the time for frizziness,
i didn't know jason was taking  a photo of my reflection too

day 96,
thanks Francesca for these goodies, i'm loving the girls,
i will only ever use them for show


  1. Your shrug is cute!

    I love the vintage hair pin packets. Using them for show is a great idea because they're so colorful and eye pleasing.

  2. I raellly love that shrug, such a great colour!

  3. what long pretty hair you have! gorgeous color shrug, too. congrats on selling out!

  4. I pretty much love everything you do and stalk you daily wishing i could spend more time knitting. You are one of my favorite favorites, but could you please stop wearing those cut-offs with black leggings.


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