Wednesday, 31 March 2010

just a thought

well, at the moment i just can't afford the many balls of wool for such ambitious projects, but i can't get knitting something as intricate as a pretty  vintage 40s sweater out of my mind...
these older vintage knitting patterns are pretty notorious for being rather difficult, as well, hard to follow out dated instructions, impossible to find wool substitutions, modern sizing problems too & knit on the most tiny annoying needles,...
for now, i'ii have to content myself with a merino shrug, with capped sleeved 40s influences...(which i've ripped up again, so i could re-write the pattern...
let me know if you tackled any 40s knitting patterns recently & how it went?
above photo links to the free pdf knitting pattern 



  1. Wow, I would love to see it if you knitted a sweater like the first one. I am so jealous of your knitting capabilities!

  2. oh my goodness that white sweater and muff i amazing! it makes me think of that crochet bag i thrifted. did you see it?

  3. I'm making that top one currently! Though I've run out of one colour of wool so it's at a standstill right now. It's actually not been bad to knit - and I'm not a particularly advanced knitter at all.

  4. That would be so lovely if you could! I have stacks of 1940s crochet and knit tutorials from my great grandmother...Inspiration to actually learn I suppose!

  5. I love that the first model says "Such an easy pattern". :D

    I think a lot of brilliant techniques just got lost in time, especially with the industrial production taking over.
    Really, don't we know less, now? I feel that way when it comes to sewing...

  6. i have a lot of trouble reading vintage pattern instructions, too! all of these look so beautiful though. what do you use as wool substitutions?

  7. I love the vintage sweaters! I tried to knit a 1952 Shrug -
    It took so long and ended up being about 10 sizes too big!


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