Thursday, 25 March 2010

280 days to go...

  day 85 of 365 project
i'm pretty sure i have a stomach virus/flu thing, its nasty & painful actually,
this photo everyday is really a chore lately, 
maybe once we have some spring weather again

day 84 of 365
insert from dum dum girls cd,
jason made me put it back with the cd, he's weird like that...

day 83 of 365
this project is sometimes a real bore & before bed pics happen

day 82
re-borrowed edge of love from the library,
the sweaters get me everytime, 
admit its a film i watch solely on aesthetics


  1. I watched "Edge of Love" for the exact same reason! I can't believe there's not a ravelry group devoted to all the lovely knits in this movie.

  2. Oh! I watched The edge of love for the first time yesterday! I loved it!

  3. still want to see this but I admit my distaste for Sienna Miller has kept me from doing so! haha


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