Tuesday, 2 February 2010

333 days to go...

day 32 of 365 project,
cute boy on my couch, blowing bubbles

day 31
granny boots that were thrifted day before(& baggy knees apparently)
i like that these boots seem very mid/late 1800s

day 30
my camera battery was completely dead on the 30th, so in it's place i have these shots stolen from jlee!
i am fighting my own vanity as i feel i look so damn puffy as usual, but...oh well, i still think they are wonderful photos as they capture a moment, & i think jason looks so cute, & i do enjoy that i have a pic of me thrifting
thanks jlee, hope you don't mind...

day 29
when jlee came to visit
enid is bringing to jenn a homemade valentine she made her

day 28
they are closely in resemblance to jogging pants (ewww), & body unflattering
...YET i do love them as they are made out of DENIM!
still debating to keep or return? they seem to work with ankle boots however?!
(i'm keeping them!)

day 26/ 365 project
can't even believe i own this 7"
from argentina!

day 27
jason waiting patiently outside dressing room,
those are the doc's he thrifted for $6, score!

day 25
rescued budgies, thrifted

day 23
enid imitates one of the the Avon small world perfume bottles i've collect


  1. Hello! I've been following your photostream on Flickr for a while. Your pictures of your adorable family always warm my heart and I love your friendship with jlee! I hope I don't sound too creepy!
    the renegade bean

  2. I say keep the jogging pants! Having worn actual warmup pants yesterday and noted their extreme poufiness, I think the ones in the photo have just the right kind of volume.

    Just my expert opinion as a frequent wearer of both warmup and regular pants :)

  3. hi hi, i particularly like this 365 update. nice colours on your walls and your man's socks. i have been desperately missing value village since i moved to europe (from st. kitts) since most second hand shops have taken on the vintage boutique thing and are sometimes more expensive than to buy things new! kind of ridiculous but yes.



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