Tuesday, 9 February 2010

327 days to go...

day 38 of 365 project
nothing strange about jason lee reading in bed, but it is strange that he didn't seem to mind too much me running in with the camera, i think he got a kick out of my excitement, i was all gushing over him , i dunno, nothin sexier than a boy in bed with a book, & waiting for you

day 37
i detest dishes, the second you are done, more just appear

day 36
up on the bookshelf

day 35
feel like complete crap today, spent entire day in bed with a banging headache & nauseous stomach, this is when i finally rolled out of bed, late night bedhead/bunhead

day 34
enid hides behind her tattered paper Japanese parasol

day 33
enid is the monoploy banker


  1. your daughters name is Enid?
    That's so lovely!

  2. your photos are lovely. i hate dishes too and i think i have the same red-handled utensil as you. i hope you are feeling much better from your headache and nausea. and yes i agree with the comment above.. enid is such a cute name. have a good day!

    also, i am currently running a giveaway. if you are interested, please stop on by my blog!

  3. that photo of Enid peeking from behind the parasol is so amazing!!


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