Monday, 15 February 2010

319 days to go...

day 46 of 365 project
family day today, its an official canadian holiday!
enid goofing around with her dad

day 45
hi there miss mable (& jasonlee)

day 44
be good to us tiger

day 43
we promise to not over water you, like so many in the past...
sadly the thrifted swan pot holder is too small...

day 42
enid was very excited to see katie with us, when we picked her up after school

day 41
quite new to me jewelery box, which was my moms, it smells like childhood to me, gazing into it as a child, & always asking when can i have this? just as enid does...
also see kennedy's blog post here

day 40
my side of the unmade bed
(my neglected poor blythes, which were just moved because the shelf they were on was pulling outta the wall...)

day 30
enid receives an valentine in the post!


  1. enid is always so cute and spontaneous in the pics!
    the jewerly box is very pretty and the cat is pretty handsome!
    i always love those day by day catches of yours!



  2. Ontario is the only lucky province to get this fabulous holiday!

  3. Oh, and Saskatchewan and Alberta ;)

  4. What a beautiful cat :o)
    Your photos always make me wish I had such a beautiful home! I love it all..

  5. I REALLY want to pet Miss Marble!


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