Sunday, 21 February 2010

313 days to go...

day 52 of 365 project
what almost 91 yards of hand spun merino will knit, not quite even close to the shrug i half finished earlier & ripped up....

day 51
something smells in here, & jason's solution, very classy!
& enid recently discovered monoploy, all kinds of monopoly, playing luke's star wars version here, from the back of the closet... yup, we're nerds.

day 50
bath time!

day 49
my mom is moving & found this packing, some old avon soap,
& it doesn't even smell musty

day 48
i used the french press to make my loose leaf tea for a change, & i love how you see the jasmine just floating & opening up, so pretty...smelled so yummy too!

day 47 of 365 project
have been wearing a norfolk hand knit self-tie bow so often lately...
when will winter & warm hat weather be over, so it isn't always hidden..


  1. i'm loving these little peaks into your daily world. :)

    and your mom is moving?????


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