Saturday, 2 January 2010

day 2 of 365

365 project/day 2
already i am finding this project to take a photo everyday for a year, no matter what, to be quite difficult. today for instance, went out, forgot to take any pics, then at home, our place is so darkly lit, my camera has so many limitations, so with many loads & many more loads of laundry i grabbed the camera to the laundry room , had to get somethin'...
*jason grabbed this bored shot of me,while i let him sort the colours ect, he is more picky, i tend to bleed everything onto each other

i don't know if i will blogpost the photos everyday, or if i can find the time, maybe once/twice a week as not to induce too much boredom around here...


  1. the very fact you did the photo in the laundry makes it not boring!
    i love it!
    you look so cool and charming with short, tights dans boots. just love that combination!
    keep trying to make it daily, its not boring at all!



  2. fun idea! i like the bored photo :)

  3. I was going to do that but I forgot I'd even made the goal by the time the day was over, and I'd only made it in the morning, so I probably wouldn't have been so diligent about it. Good luck though, and you're off to a super start!

    (super? I always say "fancy" but I have been trying not to say that here because your blog is called stay fancy FREE, so maybe you don't like fancy! :))


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