Tuesday, 19 January 2010

346 days to go

day 19/ of 365 project
just an experiment, to offer some of my vintage frocks to someone else's closet, with jaosnlee just very newly laid off this might help out a wee bit, when the shop is kinda slow & sad right now...

day 18
waiting impatiently every morning for coffee to brew

day 17
sunday afternoon, a rare quiet moment with enid watching spongebob,
don't let the made bed fool you, the floor is crammed full of toys, with no safe place to step

day 16
sometimes i just don't feel like taking a photo everyday, just feeling uninspired, that's when my ol' man steps in for me, jsut sitting on the bed, waiting for him to get ready

say "prune"

day 15
luke fixes everything around here, we'd be screwed without his help

day 14
seen walking enid home from school

day 13
not even the bitter cold winter can take away enid's love for banana popsicles

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