Thursday, 17 December 2009

always on the sunny side

i admit it, i hate being told to look on the bright side, or "oh it could be worse", none of these things ever really helps do they, unless to makes us feel worse, & guilty...however, i really do like the mission statement behind the bright side project, so i said yes to a giveaway, of course id id...because looking on the bright side project really just means supporting handmade artists & giving away free crap, & that doesn't make anyone feel bad... so please, go & enter
photo c/o
also, i discovered this gem of an etsy store on the same site, that sells personalized vintage children's illustrated bookplates, i just bought my mom one!


  1. absolutely going to enter the giveaway right now!

    im going to try that lipstick you recommended, i think that sounds like such less maintenance than reapplying all day long.

    and, those personalized childrens books are amazing! imagine how awesome it will be for your kid to have that when they are an adult!

  2. Cool bookplates. It is good to look on the bright side or at least try, so I did try and enter the giveaway. I love your blog.

  3. i totally had to enter! its amazin!

  4. i'm entering!
    those bookplates are so cool, can't wait to check out the site :)


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