Friday, 6 November 2009

a knitter's lip bite

(ps. i love the knitter biting on her lower lip...don't drop that stitch my dear)

ok honestly, i was terrified to shut up shop, even just temporarily to fill it with ready mades, & its actually driving me into stressed out anxiety....
so i'ii be re-opening the shop with READY MADES as soon as sunday night or monday morning, as well along side the NEW ready made section will be the usual custom orders, it jsut makes sense...i really do love the idea of a ready made section , which i will fill as frequently as possible for holiday gifts. if it isn't too much spamming i can even update on the blog about ready made updates, hmmm...
who closes a hand knits shop at peek busy season, only a fool like myself perhaps?!
be back in a couple days, phew...i feel better abit already....
please sign up to be notified of YarnOverMovement return w/ a ready made section!

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  1. dont worry! your stuff is so so so beautiful, the break will just get people all excited for you to come back!


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