Monday, 16 November 2009

every girl wants to be a ballerina

well, i completely had given up that my daughter would ever have ballerina dreams, but somehow it happened...counting down the days until the national ballet of canada's sleeping beauty...thank you jlee for an unforgettable gift!


  1. I wanted to be a ballerina too :)! I think that there are some dreams that all the girls had... but you know? I never wanted to be a princess.
    I always wanted to be a queen!

  2. That will be so fun to see!! I think every little girl does want to be a ballerina, at some point at least. I tried, they kicked me out! My ballerina dreams were shattered at age 3, it's a true story. I guess they didn't appreciate me making up my own dances and never listening. :)

  3. these are wonderful and i am a retired ballerina!

  4. love these pictures! (: great blog!

  5. always wanted to be a ballerina, i took classes until i got bored and moved on to gymnastics - it was all the flipping i wanted to do, i suppose. really pretty pictures.


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