Tuesday, 3 November 2009

baby, baby, baby where you been?

way back when my ol man & i stumbled upon a wonderful mexican magazine entitled baby, baby, baby, with such surreal photography & amazing styling, there was a lot of sketching to be had of this (that's how i rate a good magazine if jasonlee is drawing from it well then...)in any case recently stumbled upon this magazine again (it was the spring/summer2009, we grabbed it just before they were taking it off teh shelves)...& so look for it there is to be a new issue out there someday soon of the fall/winter...hopefully we will be able to find it...
i will attempt to make scans sometime when i can...photo c/o roberta ridolfi

photo c/o gemma booth

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  1. oh i love that first picture, leotards are my personal favorite and that one is just breathtaking.


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