Thursday, 22 October 2009

i like the bubblegum

my ol man who loves a girl whose perhaps cooly grittier than me, he bought me this very early madonna super soft tank...i never thoguht i would love tees so much, but perhaps it quite nice to not just be one way all the time aka longing after pretty blouses & ruffles & such...
a bob dylan tee is on its way to me too...
oh well i hardly leave my knitting needles & home anyhow & i'm old, i can't believe luke turned 16!...
ok back to knitting,...which reminds me please get to me your knitting orders very soon if its a christmas gift that doesn't come from the mall you are after...


  1. you look so cute in that shirt! and your hairs are so long and pretty. it looks like its fun to braid

  2. I love 'early madonna', although the 'current madonna' needs to stick a fork in it.

  3. Oh where oh where did your ol man get that tank from?


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