Wednesday, 28 October 2009

she sure is talented

who can resist this lady anyhow, check out her gorgeous lace cat mask, i'm crushing on her!

seriously my favorite blogger anabela of fieldguided is hosting a unmissable giveaway!
i'm achng for this myself.

sorry for the slight absence on this blog, that isn't particularly important on too many notes, in any case,i'ii be back with some posts, when i can come up for air from my drwoning in wee etsy yarnovermovement shop has reached over 300 sales, & for some reason thsi number was always a goal of mine & just wow, so next goal is to not crack under teh pressure. i'm getting so many orders lately, & i jsut want to express my gratitude, & i really wish i had more hands to knit, i fell awful that everyoen will have to wait abit longer than usual ... get your xmas orders in now. sorry terrible spellchecker here, too rushed to fix em all up...
i'ii get back as soon as i can post some pics of teh recent art show, & other nonsense stuff & such


  1. Hang in there. The cat mask is really cute, I agree.

  2. congrats on reaching 300 orders, how exciting!

  3. yeah! Congratulations and keep up the knitting. The world needs your lovely pieces and hard work.

  4. Love the edge treatment on the quilt on the bed (afghan). Do you think it is little crocheted circled coming down from a crochet chain?

  5. You're the sweetest pea ever. Happy birthday xo


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