Wednesday, 14 October 2009

the cold is here...if i could i would

as a lady who spends most hours of her day knitting & knitting, one might suspect i am a fall/winter girl, but you'd be wrong, because i detest the cold, & i'm always cold, & my teeth are always chattering between october to april...

this year, i'm determined to be much more optimistic & have warmer thoughts of fall & winter, & to not fear the winter blues... thats the real issue i suppose, the winter blues, sigh..
i've already been inspired for fall dressing, so if i could pretend i could i would on these items, a cape coat, a fitted shrunken proper vintage looking coat, a pair of faux fur ear muffs (anyone help me on these?), floral printed large vintage scarves in rich hues, heels with laces...well so far...


  1. You know what, you have me interested in trying something... I seem to recall that ear muffs have a removable cover sometimes. I think I have a pair at home. I'm going to dig them out and inspect them. I feel like they attach with an elastic. Hmmmmmm...

  2. That red coat with the gold buttons is perfect, where did you find it?!

  3. I hope winter comes soon here too, because I need to change my summer clothes right now!

    Wearing a cape in winter looks so romantic... mmm.... I like the idea!

  4. the first few months into fall/winter i'm all for it, but by month 3 i'm ready for the end...i think it was much more manageable in the days when all i cared about was building snow men and ice skating...*sigh*
    btw, i'm sooo crushing on those capes too, especially the burgundy one!

  5. you are right about capes. seeing the ones you posted, they remind me how cute they are. and about earmuffs, my gosh, i love earmuffs. i have a pir somewhere, and each winter i get them on at some point and NEVER take them off i swear. even indoors. they are almost like a brain cozy... do you mean where should you find a cape? what do you mean?

    anabela what are you up to? i sort of imagine you putting the ear cover part on your ear. though i doubt that is what you mean!


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