Thursday, 17 September 2009

meaford meets washington

as with all my hand knits, the MEAFORD shares its name with a small southern ontario city, & recently the meaford went to washington!

photos c/o of the charming rebecca of the clotheshorse blog,& can i just say i love those brown oxfords, & don't think the meaford extra-long cowl has ever looked better!
please check out the post here, to see the fanfreakintastical animated cowl movie!
PLEASE NOTE: i am still offering to those who entered & didn't win on the clothes horse giveaway for the cambridge cowl, a 10% discount off the purchase of a cambridge cowl OR a free norfolk bow. just to make absolutely clear, the bow is indeed free with the purchase of the cambridge cowl instead of the 10% discount. i am sorry if it was assumed i was mailing out free bows,please understand as a small shop i could never afford such a thing, i only wanted to offer something special to everyone that didn't win, but mentioned the clotheshorse in the note to seller.


  1. I love The Clothes Horse! You have a great blog, too! And awesome fashion sense!

  2. and the location is perfect!! the pics look great!

  3. I love those brown oxford too; I need a pair of oxfords this year!!

    Lovely pictures!

  4. Love the brown oxford!!!
    The location is very pretty!

  5. so lovely, the cowl looks so great, now that autumn is approaching i think i'de better have one for myself. <3


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