Friday, 14 August 2009

sweet dessert wine in the afternoon

my camera has a huge crush on katie, well who doesn't, seriously my freind katie, is so gorgeous (& it doesn't hurt any that she is really fun & sweet too!), she can't possibly take a bad pic, & i couldn't stop snapping pics of her, even once i knew i had enough for the any case, i'ii even post some of all thsoe outtakes too in the near future... anyhow here's some of those behind the scenes ones... i'm hoping to convince this girl to be the yarnovermovemnt "it girl" model exclusively, i think if i can keep her outfitted in the knitted goods, & stock up on the wine.. (for both of us)...

oh & the store is open for business! at the moment, it may be confusing since i don't have all the colours photographed, so each lsiting details the colours available,as always most everything is custom order hand knit for you. i will be updating with new photos, & new designs frequently too, soplease don't be a stranger. i won't know til it is closer to fall i suspect, then i will find out if my hard work paid off & if you like it.


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