Monday, 24 August 2009

party of 5

my dear jlee, a friend i've known since those golden toronto days, sure has a knack for capturing those real moments of our family life, as it happens, & usually before i even knew it had been captured on film. here's some i have stolen from her flickr stream & of her ever-growing set entitled affectionately "party of 5", & how we spent the weekend.

(enid is showing off her loose front tooth, & her other missing teeth)

(yup, i was knitting at the movie theatre)


  1. I was going through all the old photos last night as I was uploading the new ones. Made me really grow up so fast.

  2. i knit at the movies too, my boyfriend likes to say he brought his grandma to the movies.

    p.s those needles are MASSIVE.

  3. I knit at the movie theater toooooo. Your family is so cute and I love the leggings you posted in your last post.

  4. I told someone once that I don't like to go to the movies a lot because you can't do anything in them and someone suggested knitting. Glad you did it! And those needles are enormous! Where did you find them?

  5. knitting in the movies? hahaha
    you're so dedicated, girl!
    i'm your fan!

  6. you are a machine! knitting at the movies!? if only i could bring my bead box there! LOL!

    love this post...friends are of the essence...


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